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Dave Paine

After Dave went to college he and his wife,  Barbara,  started a business manufacturing for the performing arts.

Dave likes to paint oils usually from memory.  His wife likes to paint the siding of houses and barns.  He and his family enjoy spending time at their cabin in Montana.

Dave studied Engineering in South Dakota State and then enjoyed his career at General Electric.  Dave started painting in college and continued on and off.  Now that he is retired he wanted to get back to a favorite hobby.

Sue Caswell

Susan lives in Amber.  She started painting 25 years ago.  She saids she does not draw well but she can paint very well with a brush.   She prefers to use acrylics.  She likes to try different styles but loves to paint scenery,  mountains, water and old barns.


Mary Etten

Mary grew up in Jones County surrounded by inspiration.  She has been working with arrangements of pressed flowers for many years and began adding clay figures of fences, etc. to make unique two dimensional pieces of art.

Mary recently started painting and drawing  mainly working with acrylic and finding many wonderful subjects around Iowa.

Jan Kittrell

Jan started painting after a co-worker saw some of her pencil drawings and urged her to take painting classes.  She has taken lessons from Emma Safely,  Ivor Watkins, Lynne Shaffer and Nancy Lindsay.

Jan has been painting since 1969- 1982.  After many changes in her life and 30 years later she began to paint again.  She has worked in oils, acrylics and water colors.

Harlene Husmann

Harlene is interested in many forms of art, music, sewing and painting.  She has owned and operated an upholstery buiness for 50 years.  During that time she taught upholstery classes for Kirkwood College.

She has also worked for the Anamosa School System for 14 years.

She has been a supporter of the Paint n Palette club for several years but, has recently discovered that she is an artist.